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Music is the heart and soul of our operation. We produce and mix and write and record, as well as play all the instruments. All our videos have bespoke music that we make in house. If there's a sound you want, chances are we can make it for you. 



Probably our favorite one outside of live music videos (honestly we love all of this, it's why we do it). We'll take your idea and turn it into a fully produced and mixed track ready for Spotify / all the places. Or if you have a full song already and just need some one to track and play extra parts. We do it all.  



Finding music for a video is a pain in the ass. Send us the audio-less video and give us some reference tracks of the vibe you're looking for and we'll cover the rest. Not as expensive as you think. We shred at this - play and record almost everything in house which keeps costs low and quality vibe-y af. 

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Bring your music to life with video that amplifies your artistry. We'll partner with you on concepting and ideation, set design, and production.

We are f'ing awesome at live music videos. With our mix of video and music chops, you're guaranteed to have a beautiful looking and sounding performance. 

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