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Sunshine who?

Based in Portland, Oregon - Sunshine Presents is a new creative agency started by Nick Arneson (me). I've been doing lots of various things for a long time - music, video, marketing. I'm a bit of a multi-tool for creatives: can produce your album, play all the instruments on said album and then make your music video for you without really leaving my basement. 

With Sunshine Presents I take this basic idea and add on a crew of folks who augment what I already do (ie they're better at it than me). I have an excellent video / lighting person, a video producer / sound engineer as well as an art director. I have it setup so we only focus on what I was already into and good at. We do marketing, video and music. If it falls under that umbrella, lfg - if not still reach out and I can connect you with someone who does it. 

Also, for more budget conscious folks - you can just hire me. I have agency pricing, as well as Nick Arneson pricing. I like to work with musicians and having been one for a long time am very familiar with how tight budgets can be. Sometimes the full heft of the agency isn't needed and you just want a song mixed or produced or a quick video shot with a solo video person. That's where I come in. 

A little bit more about myself.... I have two dogs, one of whom is named Greg. Two rad kids. I do most of my work out of my basement studio - was trying to calculate what percentage of my waking life I actually spend down here and the number was a little shocking so I stopped calculating. I'm a left leaning socialist (best to just get that out there now) and I'm also a solo musician who performs around Portland and releases solo work under my own name. 

I would love to talk to you about your project. I'm a new startup, and hungry for work so really no project is too small (or big) and you'll find I'm easy to work with and very flexible on all things. 
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